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Monday 16 May 2016

The aim and long-term ambitions for British Sign Language (BSL) in Scotland.

What we would like to know is

1. Are these the things you want in the BSL National Plan?

2. If these are not the things you want in the BSL National Plan, what have we missed out?

Please send your comments to Mandy Reid – mandy@scod.org.uk by Friday 27th May at 12noon.

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BSL National Plan – Long-term aim and ambitions



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BSL National Plan – Long-term aim and ambitions

**IMPORTANT NOTICE** This is NOT the BSL National Plan.

Monday 25 April 2016

The first National Advisory Group (NAG) Meeting took place in St Andrew’s House in Edinburgh.

There is more information about what took place at the meeting below.


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BSL NAG Meeting Programme 25 April 2016



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Information for the BSL Members of the National Advisory Group

Information about the BSL (Scotland) Act 2015, the role and remit of the National Advisory Group (NAG) as a whole and for its members as individuals was drafted for this first meeting. This paper is available below in BSL and in English.

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Thursday 21 April 2016

There has been two changes to the NAG members list – the Youth NAG members have been announced and one of the adults has had to withdraw for personal reasons.

The new list is:

BSL National Advisory Group – members (April 2016)

Public body representatives (9)

Sarah Davidson, SG Director General Local Government and Communities (also Co-chair)

Colin Spivey, Scottish Government Learning Directorate

Louise MacLennan NHS National Services on behalf of the NHS Equality and Diversity Leads Network

Elaine Savory, NHS Ayrshire and Arran on behalf of the NHS Equality and Diversity Leads Network

John Urquhart, COSLA on behalf of the Scottish Councils Equality Network

Audrey Cameron, North Lanarkshire Council on behalf of the Scottish Councils Equality Network

Maggie Maxwell, Creative Scotland on behalf of the Non-Departmental Public Bodies Equality Forum

Halena Gauntlett Scottish Funding Council, on behalf of the NDPB Equality Forum, and to provide a link with HE/FE institutions

Stephanie Rose, Police Scotland, on behalf of the Justice Agencies Working Group on Interpretation and Translation


Deaf BSL representatives (10)

Alison Marshall – has had to give up due to personal reasons. The NAG thanks Alison for her work so far and wish her well for the future.

Andrew Kay recently returned from working in the civil service in England to his native Scotland to champion BSL as a native language – a first language for many Deaf people

Brian McCann works as an equality and diversity training officer for a local authority, and is the father of five Deaf children who use BSL.

Charlotte Addison works at an Additional Supported Learning school in Glasgow. She comes from a Deaf family, has a Deaf husband, and three hearing children.

Debra Wherrett grew up using BSL, but as her vision deteriorated, she began using Hands on BSL. She teaches Deafblind Communication and Deafblind Awareness.

Leona Glennie has used BSL all her life, and is losing her sight due to Usher Syndrome. She works for a Deaf and Blind charity in Aberdeen.

Moira Ross grew up with a hearing family, is married to a Deaf BSL husband and has three boys, one of whom is Deaf. Moira is studying drama at university.

Natalie Greenall – has vast experience volunteering with Deaf children and young people with additional support needs. Natalie is a new mum to a Deaf boy.

Amy Dawson comes from a Deaf family with Deaf parents. She has been a BSL user from birth. She is passionate about improving services in education, particularly ensuring that that a Deaf child receives as much BSL support as possible throughout their school years. Amy has experience of meeting politicians so feels confident that she will be able to represent the views of young Deaf people in Scotland.

Abbie Steggles comes from a hearing family and is bilingual in BSL and English. She has been attending classes to improve her BSL which she really enjoys. She wants better BSL access in schools as this would help to break down the barriers that BSL users face on a daily basis. Abbie is very enthusiastic about ensuring that young Deaf people are included as much as possible.

Lewis Ross comes from a Deaf family with Deaf parents and two hearing brothers. He has been a BSL user from birth. He is passionate about helping BSL to be more widely recognised and that BSL users feel happy and comfortable using their language.

Hearing parent of a Deaf child (1)

Lesley Ann Martin is a hearing parent of a Deaf child who uses BSL and works for a local authority as a Pupil Support Assistant. Lesley has devoted 10 years of her time for a local Deaf children’s charity.

Secretariat: Hilary Third, Scottish Government Equality Unit

Information about the BSL NAG 2015 Recruitment and Application Forms can be found here.

Deafblind NAG information can be found here.

Youth NAG information can be found here.

22/10/2015: BSL (Scotland) Act is now OFFICIAL!

Deaf Sector Partnership (DSP) is delighted to receive news that Royal Assent has been formally confirmed today, Thursday 22 October 2015, and so we can now refer to the BSL (Scotland) Act.

Well done to everyone involved in supporting the campaign.

Many thanks

Deaf Sector Partnership (DSP)

Now available in BSL Version on YouTube

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