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British Deaf Association Information Day

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The BSL NAG will be working on the BSL National Plan. Here is a video explaining about the BSL National Plan.

Information bulletin no. 8:

BSL National Plan and Authorities’ Plans

What is the BSL National Plan?
The BSL National Plan will set out Scottish Minister’s priorities for BSL and the steps we will take to make progress towards them. The National Plan will cover all National public bodies who are answerable to Scottish Ministers.
What are Authorities’ Plans?
Authority Plans will be published by local authorities and regional health boards and other public bodies who are not covered by the National Plan. Authority Plans need to mirror the national plan as far as possible, and so will also set out steps to be taking to make progress towards the priorities set out in the national plan.

How is the BSL National Plan being created and developed?
We are going to set up a BSL National Advisory Group (NAG) which will be made up of BSL users and public bodies covered by the Act. The NAG will inform the development of the BSL National Plan and will advise Scottish Ministers on what the priorities should be. But through the Deaf Sector Partnership, we will also ensure that there is extensive engagement with a wide range of BSL users across Scotland, so that the plan reflects a wide range of views and experiences.

How long will it take to develop and create the National Plan/Authorities’ Plans?
The Act stipulates that Scottish Ministers must publish the first BSL National Plan within two years, so by end of October 2017. The first BSL Authority Plans must be published one year after that.

Can the authorities start their plans earlier, or do we have to wait for all of them to be agreed first?
Authority plans need to mirror the National Plan as far as possible, so listed authorities should wait until the National Plan is published before they start to develop their own plans. However, we would encourage all public bodies to start considering how they can improve their understanding of and response to BSL users now, rather than wait until the National Plan is in place.

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