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About DSP

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The Deaf Sector Partnership is made up of six delivery partners and two support partners. The delivery partners are:

  • British Deaf Association (BDA) Scotland (BDA Scotland)

  • Deaf Action

  • Deaf Connections

  • Deafblind Scotland (DbS)

  • National Deaf Children’s Society Scotland (NDCS Scotland)

  • Scottish Council on Deafness (SCoD)

The Scottish Government directs the DSP and the Voluntary Action Fund (VAF) provides support and monitoring.

The DSP will focus on:

  • Engaging with the Deaf / Deafblind BSL Communities (including Deafblind people who use tactile BSL) so that they can contribute to the development of BSL plans required by the Act; and

  • Supporting public bodies to better understand / meet the needs of Deaf and Deafblind BSL users.

Each organisation, while being funded separately, will collaborate and work in partnership with the other five organisations as well as the Scottish Government and the Voluntary Action Fund.

The partnership will work to the following principles:

  • Openness and transparency

  • Fairness and collaboration

  • Quality and scrutiny.

We will take an asset-based approach that is person-centred and rights-based. We will have a training / learning programme that will ensure everyone involved in the partnership understands the messages and ideas that we are working with and towards. We will also work using a whole team approach as the Deaf / Deafblind who use BSL as their first or preferred language have needs that may need to addressed through contact with other organisations and agencies.

We will all be open to comment from others in the partnership, including but not limited to the Scottish Government and the Voluntary Action Fund.

Each organisation will act as a critical friend to the others in the partnership. Each organisation will bring knowledge and expertise to the table in order to move the work forward.

As our work will impact on Deaf / Deafblind BSL users and public bodies across Scotland, we will all be open to collaborative working with other deaf sector organisations and mainstream organisations in the Third Sector. Organisations will report on individual project work as required by the funding body.

For further information about the Deaf Sector Partnership, please see the leaflet below.

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DSP Leaflet – Introduction to the Deaf Sector Partnership (DSP) (Page 1)


DSP Leaflet – Deaf Sector Partnership (DSP) – Who We Are? (Page 2)


DSP Leaflet – About the Deaf Sector Partnership (DSP) Partners (Pages 3-6)


DSP Leaflet – British Sign Language (BSL) (Scotland) Act 2015 (Page 6)


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